Power Staffing Solutions

We’re excited to announce that our Managing Partner Saye Sathiyakumar has officially joined the Board of Directors of Scarborough Sharks as the Director, Sponsorship & Community Liaison. Scarborough Sharks is a girls hockey association created in 1978 to provide opportunities for young women to play our national sport.

“Growing up, ice hockey wasn’t exactly affordable and quite frankly it wasn’t advertised as a sport that someone that looked like me, can play. My main initiative now is to create a bridge for more BIPOC representation in ice hockey. I want to remove cultural and financial barriers for more South Asians and People of Colour, regardless of gender, to play the great Canadian sport of hockey. I will also be responsible for sponsorships and new strategic partnerships for the Association to ensure that there are no financial obstacles.”

– Saye Sathiyakumar

Power Staffing Solutions will also be the official sponsor of the Scarborough Sharks U15 AA girls team! We’re proud to support the Scarborough Sharks mission to “unite communities through girls’ hockey by creating an environment that empowers girls to develop self-confidence and leadership skills, be healthy and have fun, which is practiced without discrimination in the spirit of friendship and fair play.”