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In March, Power Healthcare Solutions (PHS) achieved a major milestone by designing and launching a ground-breaking new program to facilitate Screening and PCR/Rapid Testing support for one of Canada’s largest companies. This is part of the next phase of the Power Healthcare COVID-19 preparedness and action strategy. PHS is now deploying support teams to help keep employees safe at major Food, Retail, Telecommunications and Media companies. After an initial pilot project, the full-scale program was launched, forming strong joint partnerships with businesses to defend operations and minimize the potential impact of COVID-19. 

  • Power is currently staffing COVID Screeners, Results Coordinators, Registered Nurses, and Travel Nurses across Ontario to consistently Rapid/PCR test employees and visitors entering large volume facilities, including distribution centres, warehouses and manufacturing centres. 
  • Dedicated healthcare staff are mobilized to work alongside various companies Health & Safety teams and Public Health representatives. 
  • To help employers effectively minimize the spread of this disease, results are reported to business owners and management with urgency and efficiency. 

PHS is helping organizations understand and mitigate COVID-19 risks, and carry out effective workplace safety plans, in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

“At the start of the Pandemic, we looked for a way to utilize our experience and core capabilities to support the community. The rollout of Power Healthcare’s Screening and Testing Support Program builds on the accomplishments of our Crisis Management Staffing Program. We’re proud of the many successful examples of staffing support throughout the pandemic that enabled healthcare facilities to move from outbreak status to COVID-free. Our team has gone to extraordinary lengths to deliver on our promise, and we will be here for the long term.”

Saye Sathiyakumar – Managing Partner, Power Healthcare Solutions

About Power Healthcare Solutions

Power Healthcare Solutions is a full service, Toronto based Healthcare staffing agency providing healthcare professionals across Canada. The aim of the parent company has always been to partner with a variety of organizations to meet their staffing needs. PHS connects high calibre industry professionals with established healthcare providers and other organizations, and provides ongoing support to ensure an optimal experience for all.



Marc Rosing – Media & Press, Power Healthcare Solutions

Saye Sathiyakumar – Managing Partner, Power Healthcare Solutions